ZF-7920: The example code db adapter declaration in Quickstart guide assumes a case-insensitive file system



Diff: -resources.db.adapter = "PDO_SQLITE" +resources.db.adapter = "Pdo_Sqlite"

From the code sample: ; application/configs/application.ini

; Add these lines to the appropriate sections: [production] resource.db.adapter = "PDO_SQLITE"


This was an unfortunate mistake in 1.9.3 which was reverted/fixed in 1.9.3PL1, released a few hours (tnx Matthew!) after 1.9.3.

See also the release announcement of 1.9.3PL1: "The BC break reported had to do with Zend_Db::factory() and how it handled adapter names. In our API docs, we have listed the adapter name as being case insensitive, though in the end-user documentation, no examples actually showed this use case. The use case in question was to pass the adapter name in all capitals or all lowercase: e.g., "PDO_MYSQL", "pdo_mysql". A recent bugfix to allow passing in MixedCase segments in adapter prefixes and names invalidated this case. While we feel the fix was correct, unfortunately a number of users were affected by the change, and we felt it necessary to revert a portion of the changeset to ensure the previously mentioned case insensitive use cases would continue to work."


I assume upgrading to 1.9.3PL1 fixes your issue.