ZF-792: Components (Symfony-like defenition) in MVC


I didn't found in ZFW future like component is Symfony. I'm writen it. http://rt.avlab.ru/wp-content/uploads/…

For more information see http://rt.avlab.ru/2007/01/… (russian)

If you know more right way, notify me, please.


Assign to Matthew.

From reviewing the code, it looks like this is a Zend_View helper class designed to allow pulling in content from another controller action, and that it has some amount of caching included in the interface.

What I'm wondering is: why would you do this instead of using _forward() in the action controller? Can you give me some details on what prompted this particular design, and use cases?


That's right - this is a Zend_View helper. Some code for example

      require_once 'Zend/Controller/Action.php';
      class IndexController extends Zend_Controller_Action
      public function indexAction()
      $View = new Zend_View();
      $View->addHelperPath('../application/helpers/', 'Avlab_View_Helper_');
      echo $View->render('indexView.php');
      public function componentAction()
      echo "It's work!!!";
      public function noRouteAction()


There are 3 component call:
<?echo $this->loadComponent('index', 'component');?>
<?echo $this->loadComponent('index', 'component');?>
<?echo $this->loadComponent('index', 'component');?>

We don't need to controll call chain in controller by using _forward(). In other way we should notify next controller2 about what controller3 it must forward to and then notify controller 3 what controller4 must forward to etc. It very hard.

In other way we should modify _forward() to allow constructions like that:

$this->_forward('controller', 'component1');
$this->_forward('controller', 'component2');
$this->_forward('controller', 'component3');
// etc

it's means, that next action is 'component1' and after it will execute action component2 will start etc.

But it isn't right alternative. I can't say rightly why, because I have troubles in my english :) You may read symfony-book by this subject.

Please review the Zend_View_Helper_Action view helper in the incubator. This component will be available for the 1.1.0 release as part of the Zend_View Enhanced proposal, and accomplishes what you've outlined.

Action view helper merged to core.