ZF-8003: Zend Platform Backend (Zend Cache) uses deprecated functions


Zend Platform Backend of Zend Cache module is using deprecated functions : * output_cache_remove_key * output_cache_put * output_cache_get

He should use : * zend_[shm|disk]cache_delete * zend[shm|disk]cache_store * zend[shm|disk]_cache_fetch



I think it should be "wont fix". Because a part of users can not use the zend_[shm|disk]cache* functions.

User Groups: Linux 32bit/64bit (latest Ver 3.6.3): OK, they have zend_[shm|disk]cache* functions. Solaris x86/Sparc (Ver 3.6.2): OK. (but already we can not download them from IBM i(i5/OS) (Ver 3.6.1): NG, it may not have the functions. Windows (Ver 3.0.3): NG. it does not have the functions.