ZF-8027: No getAdapter() to parallel setAdapter()


Zend_Http_Client contains a setAdapter() method, but not a getAdapter() method. This makes various activities such as debugging (i.e. you need to figure out which adapter class is being used) more difficult.


getAdapter method added.

Is this issue's type a "bug"? (Maybe "Improvement".)

And, I fear that bug may be caused by getAdapter(). Adapter's method is not intend to using from other component.

If there is necessary to debugging, I suggest to doing write a Extend-Class.

I created new issue.

I updated Issue Type, Affects Version and Fix Version.

I don't think this patch is quite right:

  1. Direct references to "adapter" in request() should instead use the new getAdapter(). (Or do $adapter = $this->getAdapter() to create a local copy, etc.)

  2. The getAdapter() method in Zend_Gdata_HttpClient is no longer necessary.