ZF-8030: Missing locale file for "gl_GL"


Our application is sometimes causing following exception:

{quote}Zend_Locale_Exception Missing locale file '/usr/share/php/Zend/Locale/Data/gl_GL.xml' for 'gl_GL' locale.{quote}

Is it possible to add it?


When you want to use galician then use "gl".

When you want to use galician within spain (where this dialect is widely spoken, then use "gl_ES".

But when you want ot use galician within the region Grenlandia, then you will find no support, because the people in grenlandia don't speak galician.

At least one of our users is using "gl_GL" as browser locale. And because we are using locale auto-detection we are getting "gl_GL" as locale and this is causing the exception.

#0 /opt/phplibs/Zend/Locale/Data.php(216): Zend_Locale_Data::_findRoute('gl_GL', '/ldml/localeDis...', 'type', false, Array)
#1 /opt/phplibs/Zend/Locale/Data.php(859): Zend_Locale_Data::_getFile('gl_GL', '/ldml/localeDis...', 'type')
#2 /opt/phplibs/Zend/Locale.php(594): Zend_Locale_Data::getContent('gl_GL', 'country', 'AD')
#3 /opt/phplibs/Zend/Locale.php(635): Zend_Locale::getTranslation('AD', 'country', NULL)
#4 /opt/phplibs/My/View/Helper/FormSelectCountry.php(52): Zend_Locale::getCountryTranslation('AD')

So we need to implement a mapping to map "gl_GL" to "gl"?

The exception you gave afterwards shows a possible problem on locale downgrading while using the pre-translation methods.

Fixed with r18530 within trunk.

Please give such usefull informations next time while creating the issue.