ZF-8054: Validators return wrong field names while using belongsto


I have a form configured like this:

login.elements.dane1.type = "text" login.elements.dane1.options.label = "Dziecko:" login.elements.dane1.options.class= "required" login.elements.dane1.options.required = true login.elements.dane1.options.belongsto = "dziecko1" = "pax"

login.elements.wiek1.type = "text" login.elements.wiek1.options.label = "Wiek:" = "age" login.elements.wiek1.options.class= "required" login.elements.wiek1.options.validators.regex.validator = "regex" login.elements.wiek1.options.validators.regex.options.pattern = "^/[0-9]{1,2}/" login.elements.wiek1.options.required = true login.elements.wiek1.options.belongsto = "dziecko1"

This renders:

Then, zend_Form returns in json: "wiek1":{"isEmpty":"Pole musi by\u0107 wype\u0142nione."}

which is actually not very helpful, because I need the real name of the DOM object so dziecko1-age.

The dd tag also renders wrong id:

should be:


Duplicates now parent ZF-9607 which has a Patch and Unit Test attached.