ZF-8191: It is not possible to jump through modules with the actionStack helper if you change the inflectorTarget of the viewRenderer.


I changed the inflectorTarget so I have the context it to have all views in a context in same (sub)directory ":controller/:context:action.:suffix" if we hav a context. But when I do so I am not able anymore to jump to other modules by using the actionStack in the controller, the _forward syntax or the action helper in the view itself.


addition: you can jump through the module (different controller, action etc.) but it does'nt mater what module you choose, you will stay in the module you started.

Detached Zend_Filter_Inflector from assigned components. The filter itself works as expected.

I prepared a small example app (16KB), but I cannot attach anything. Is this normal? Where shoudl I put this so you can have have look at it?