ZF-8195: Call to undefined function getCommentCount()


When importing the following feed:

and then iterating through the Entries and calling getCommentCount() on each, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function getCommentCount() in path\to\library\Zend\Feed\Reader\Entry\Atom.php on line 298



There was a typo in Zend_Feed_Reader_Entry_Atom on line 298:

{{$commentcount = $this->getExtension('Thread')>getCommentCount();}}

Attached patch fixes the issue:

{{$commentcount = $this->getExtension('Thread')->getCommentCount();}}

Fixed in r19192.

Extremely silly oversight on my part - I've added a task to add test coverage for the method in Atomland which is apparently missing. May have missed it in a commit previously.

Reopen to set fix version to next mini release

Seems to be working fine now, thanks!