ZF-8200: Zend_Loader cannot handle PHP 5.3 namespaces


Follow-Up to a postponed issue ZF-2802.

Zend_Loader cannot handle php 5.3 namespaces, it just replaces underscores to directories but should also do this with namespace separator.

Afaik this is also what the PHP Standards Group already discussed and Doctrine2 is already using it this way.


This needs to consider these use cases:

The user is using 5.3 with no 5.2 classes

Probably would not happen until 2.0 anyway

Would need to turn off the normal autoloader and replace with the 5.3 autoloader

The user is using both 5.3 and 5.2 classes

Most likely use case?

Register the 5.3 autoloader alongside the standard one - $loader->enable53(); ? Performance?

Actually, the autoloader proposed by the PHP Framework Interop Group will work with both our current naming schema as well as namespaces; I will be updating the ZF autoloader for 1.10 to utilize it.

Updated Zend_Loader::loadClass() with the framework interop group's implementation; will release with 1.10.