ZF-8211: Zend_Tool should use autoloader in Project Context


I have a extended class in library/ in my project. When I run Zend_Tool, it cannot find a class in there: zf create action help blocks 1 ip Creating an action named help inside controller at /var/zf/application/modules/ip/controllers/BlocksController.php

Fatal error: Class 'Extended_Controller' not found in /var/zf/application/modules/ip/controllers/BlocksController.php on line 3

Extended_Controller is in: library/Extended/Controller.php


With Zend_Tool 1.10 we are able to use Autoloading in the context of Zend_Tool_Project, which should solve this issue.

I'll rename it and convert it into a sub-task for 1.10 requirements.

Resolved in trunk (for 1.10)

Still seems broken in latest trunk.

Steps to reproduce: 1) zf create project 2) create library/My/Controller.php:

3) add autoloaderNamespaces[] = "My_" to config
4) change IndexController to extend My_Controller
5) Everything works fine in browser
6) "zf create action foo" dies on error:

Creating an action named foo inside controller at I:\xampp\htdocs\zf1/application/controllers/IndexController.php

Fatal error: Class 'My_Controller' not found in I:\xampp\htdocs\zf1\application\controllers\IndexController.php on line 4```