ZF-8353: Unit tests for Zend_Http_Client appear to hang on Curl tests


After fixing ZF-8076 which related to a long standing fatal error in the test suite - it turns out that bug concealed a possible second problem with the tests. After setting up a local virtual domain hosting the dynamic HTTP files (needed for tests and configured in TestConfiguration.php), the test suite now hangs on some tests where CURL options are being tested. e.g. Zend_Http_Client_CurlTest::testSettingInvalidCurlOption(). I have been unable to figure out why this happens - so maybe someone more intimately familiar with CURL can figure it out.


Reassigning to correct CURL guru ;)

Introduced by this issue.

Fixed in trunk, will be merged into 1.9 release branch immediately

Sorry for I could not sense this error , and thank You for correcting Unit test code :D