ZF-8371: create controller creates wrong views/scripts directory


when creating a controller with Zend_Tool with multiple words, the views/scripts folder isn't named correctly.


./ create controller supplyAndDemand provides: controller name: SupplyAndDemandController controller filename: (application/controllers/)SupplyAndDemandController.php view/scripts folder: (application/views/)supplyAndDemand

But the dispatcher searches for a view script in the application/views/supply-and-demand folder, instead of application/views/supplyAndDemand


if I create the controller like this:

./ create controller supply-and-demand gives a correct views/scripts folder name (supply-and-demand), but then the controller filename is wrong (Supply-and-demandController.php)

This has been resolved in trunk and will be in the 1.10 release