ZF-8467: A Feed's Categories should not include its Entry's Categories


When using Zend_Feed_Reader with an Atom Feed (this may be true with RSS too, but I'm not certain) the list of Feed Categories includes all of its Entry's Categories. According to the Atom Syndication Format the the "atom:feed" element can optionally have its own categories as distinct from the categories of the Entries that may happen to be contained in that Feed. I believe this is a problem with the XPath query used to retrieve a Feed's Categories in Zend_Feed_Reader_Extension_Atom_Feed. Please modify this so that Feed-level Categories are independent of Entry-level categories. Since many feeds don't have Feed level Categories, the list of Categories should be empty for these feeds.


Fixed in r19823. I restricted the XPath query string which was "//atom:category" thus collecting all such elements in error to "/atom:category" which is restricted to single-level child elements as would be correct.