ZF-8496: Add ability for Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap to initialize a module autoloader


Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap should initialize a module autoloader by default, using a sane default namespace ("Application").


Changes committed to trunk

{quote} note to self: also add a switch to disable the module autoloader...{quote}

Now I wont feel ashamed if I forget to remember that for you ;) (notes to oneself in pm's tend to be forgotten. - Or maybe I should raise my expectations? ;))

Resolved in trunk. Behavior is opt-in for existing projects, enabled by default for new projects, and documented in the Bootstrap docs.

I don't quite understand the changes needed to existing applications to work with this revision.

After i updated one application to 19571 the modules resources stopped loading.

By example i had a Text_Model_Text class which is not loading anymore, and of course all the classes from modules are failing loading.

Before of this i was using:

resources.modules[] = ""

And Bootstrapper as:

class Text_Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap {


for each module...

Can you elaborate?

The only thing this is supposed to do is allow specifying a module autoloader for the application-level bootstrap; this is done by simply adding a key to your configuration:

appnamespace = "Application"

Module bootstraps should be unaffected; am I to understand that your module bootstraps are no longer initializing module autoloaders? (I'm a bit unclear as to what you're asking...)

Yes, your'e right: module autoloaders doesn't seems to work anymore...

Same problem here. After I add the line "appnamespace = "Application" to the application configuration, the Module Autoloaders still didn't work.

Fixed in trunk.

Yes, works fine now. Thanks.