ZF-8527: Augment Zend_Mail recipient functions to take optional arrays


The Zend_Mail recipient functions: addTo(), addBcc(), addCc() - each only take a single email address. Augmenting them to accept an array optionally, and automatically handle the difference between being given a single entry, or an array, will make the functions much more flexible and match how many programmers will want to use them.


Fix committed, arrays now can be optionally passed in.

Hello, Eli Sadly, I do not know the process, is this based on a conclusion argued in or Mailing List?

This was based around me complaining to Matthew about lots of things, grin, including this specific point, when I was writing some code that needed to add multiple emails, that I already had stored in an array.

And most systems would have allowed for some 'bulk add' type functionality, and ZF didn't.

Matthew's response was telling me the typical OSS response of: "So code it"

And so I did.

Satoru -- I've actually heard the request a couple of times, and since Eli was willing to code it, it made sense. He ran the design ideas by me first, so I was aware of them.

Thank You for quick responce, Eli and Matthew.

I feel relieved. :-) Because I can understand it as a result of requests and agreement by plural people.

Thank you for function improvement and addition of unittest ;-)