ZF-8569: enable jQuery if addOnLoad is used


It would be better to enable jQuery if already the "addOnLoad()" method is set in the code.

I had the problem that I only used the "addOnLoad()" moethid in my view script but if I loaded my page no script tag was added into the html code.

For this I used "$this->jQuery();" in my layout but it for now it only works if you also use the enable method ("$this->jQuery()->enable();") but this extra method which has to be set is not documented in the reference guide.

When I used a extra thing like a datepicker the script tag with a link tzo the jquery javascript source file was loaded although I had not used the "enable()" method.

So it would be very useful to append jQuery that it's already enabled if you use a "addOnLoad()" method in your view script or anywhere else.


Resolved and extended to addJavascript(), merged into 1.10 release branch.