ZF-8609: Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME_SHORT is longer than 3 digits for locale fr


The documentation for Zend_Locale describes Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME_SHORT constant as "Month (Name of the month, localized, abbreviated, three digit) " but in locale "fr" the months are 3 to 5 digits long.

This is a bug either in the documentation or in the locale date.


Note that MONTH_NAME_SHORT is a localized format. It is not manually created but fixed.

Some locales have 2 letters, others 5. For the english manual and the english language the 3 letters are correct.

I understand but there are many more languages than english. ;)

I think that a note saying that should be added in the documentation to clarify things.

I didn't understand that I have also this value to translate :(

I think that the manual (English or not) should integrate all possibilities.

Fixed with r20206