ZF-8631: Zend_File_Transfer documented as an instantiable class when it is not


In the Reference Guide, many examples demonstrate instantiating an instance of Zend_File_Transfer. In reality, the class constructor contains code to throw an Exception with the message "Implementation in progress" if it is directly instantiated. Presumably, only adapters can be instantiated off the bat.


A few thoughts on this issue that I've observed:

  1. Since Zend_File_Transfer is not yet fully implemented, it should be moved to the incubator for development.
  2. The existing documentation should state very clearly, and in an unambiguous manner, that this functionality is still under development. - *** edit: My apologies, I just found the documentation that clearly states ZFT is not yet ready. :)
  3. The exception message in the constructor should be more clear and avoid using the word "progress". My first suggestion would be, "Zend_File_Transfer is not fully implemented at this time."

I will be more than happy to help contribute to this class and will be following up on as many tickets as I can. :)

The first probably can't happen - it's a released component so removing it now would be a backwards compatibility issue. I think the docs could be updated and it'd be fine. Not all components can be finished on the spot so there's always leeway for completion and improvements after a release.

Closing as fixed since more than 2 weeks (r21201).