ZF-8704: Undefined method Zend_Form_Decorator_Description::setClass()


This feature mentioned in the manual seems to be missing:

You may additionally specify a class for the tag using the class option or by calling setClass(); by default, the class 'hint' is used. (23.7.3. Zend_Form_Decorator_Description)



results in

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_Form_Decorator_Description::setClass()


You are right, that is written in the manual, however the method is missing. What works is $form->getDecorator("Description")->setOption('class','success'); My opinion is, that it is more economical to update the Documentation.

Revert Comment, there is an other issue as well, so ...

Patch added. (includes En and De)

Fixed in trunk (1.12.0): r24841