ZF-8718: CLONE -Update all docblocks to use consistent copyright/license header. Version: 2010


There are quite a few code files throughout the library, tests, and incubator that have an inconsistent header docblock.

We need to have a single canonical header docblock that correctly describes the copyright and license for the code, and we need to make that docblock present in all files for PHP code, tests, scripts, etc.


My bet is that all copyright blocks are now more or less of the same format, but since we changed years, we should do the same in the code, hence this issue.

Update to copyright notices committed in revision 20096.

I already asked Zend last year if we can change the copyright header, because also other projects have notices which do not point to a fixed end year. (something like "2002 until now"). But there was no response until now.

ZendX files still mention 2008. Seems like they need an update too.

  • ZendX incubator files updated in revision 20164
  • ZendX files updated in revision 20165
  • Zend Framework incubator files updated in revision 20166

@Thomas: Copyrights refer to the date a work is published, and copyrights expire. So the notice should specify the year of publication.

Who knows if Zend will still publish Zend Framework in 2020, or if they will still own the copyright, or if they will even still exist as a business?

Cf. "Copyright Your Software" by Attorney Stephen Fishman (Nolo Press, 1994 and 1998), p.3/5:

bq. The copyright notice must also state the year the work was published. For initial versions of software, this is easy. bq. As discussed in the preceding section, a publication date should not be provided in a notice for unpublished software.

You are the first one who found it fine to reply.

Thanks for clearification after more than one year of asking and opening an issue.