ZF-8741: Zend_Cache_Core::getIdsMatchingAnyTags() not implemented


Cache backends implementing the extended interface all have a getIdsMatchingAnyTags() method. However, this is not implemented in Zend_Cache_Core, so the backend method can not be called.

A new method Zend_Cache_Core::getIdsMatchingAnyTags() should be created similar to Zend_Cache_Core::getIdsMatchingTags().


Thank You for report, I will be happy if You try trunk code ( SVN r20815)

The impementation looks fine.

However, there ought to be unit tests that test calling all extended backend functions through Zend_Cache_Core, not just load, save, test, clean. And that would mean having Zend_Cache_Backend_Test implement the extended interface to make those methods available.

I could do that if there's interest for it.

Yes, it's right, Sven. We should implement missing test and do several changes that the test needs.

merged SVN trunk r20815 to 1.10 branch at SVN r21290.