ZF-8773: Zend_Navigation: Rendering "sub-navigation" does not work as expected


Bear with me as I try to convey what I am trying to do with what is actually happening:

Using Zend_Navigation, I want to render a "main navigation" as tabs across the top of my pages. Then, depending on which "tab" is selected, I want to display - if they exist as in the configuration - "sub navigation" items to the left of the page's content. Conversely, if I am on a tab that does not have any child pages - via in the configuration - I do not want any "sub navigation" links to display.

What actually happens, depending on the way that I call the navigation rendering is that I will 1) get nothing in the sub navigation, 2) get every link in the sub navigation, regardless of whom its parent is (versus which tab is selected), or 3) I will only get the immediate child link instead of children, grandchildren, etc.

I have pieced together a very simple configuration file, two controllers, a layout, and the respective view scripts necessary to display what I am trying to describe. I have created the three cases that I described above using Zend_Navigation, and then I have created what I am actually trying to do (manually) in each page.

Either Zend_Navigation is not working correctly, cannot support such an obvious use-case, or I am not understanding how to set it up to do what I am trying to do. Whichever the case may be, I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance that you can provide me on this. I have already waste half of a day trying to figure this out, and frankly, I am at my wit's end with this component. I really would love to take advantage of Zend_Navigation (and its ACL integration).

Thank you.


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