ZF-8798: Zend_Amf should support compression on both ends


I would like the ability to easily turn on compression in the Zend_Amf transfers. The client side ByteArray class supports a compress method which corresponds to the gzuncompress command in PHP and vice-versa. I have some large data that I would prefer go compressed for both size and obfuscation on the wire, although its security is not critical. I would (and do) compress it manually, but it is nice to not have to write your method parameters to an array and vice-versa in each AS3 method before calling or receiving data from the NetConnection. It is also nice if you can send complex arrays and have those translated to/from PHP directly. Is there a public function I could call to do this complex type reconstruction manually on the PHP side if I do compress my complex array manually by first writing it to another array on the client side?


I'd love to see a similar feature for encryption, but I recognize that this is more difficult as Flash/Flex/AS3 is lacking in the encryption arena.