ZF-8799: Zend_Gdata_Gapps not using version 2 of the Provisioning API


The current version of Zend_Gdata library can only access version 1 of the API, but the currently supported version is version 2. (…)

Although version 1 continues to work, it is already deprecated.

Being version 1, the library does not support the concept of owners that is available in version 2.


Aside from making changes to the Gapps.php file, version 2 of the API involves a new extension. To accomodate for this, a Zend_Gdata_Gapps_Extension_Property class is created.

The main change from version 1 to 2 has to do with the change of email lists to groups, and differentiation between a member and an owner. (attachment) contains the files that are created/modified for this fix in the same directory structure with the base directory being Zend/Gdata/

Actual PHP files for fixing this issue.

Fixed by r22511.