ZF-8845: application.class-name-prefix gets reset when creating a model


Steps to reproduce:

zf show version

Zend Framework Version: 1.10.0beta1

mkdir ZendToolBug

cd ZendToolBug

zf create project .

cat .zfproject.xml

... ...

zf change application.class-name-prefix ZendToolBug_

cat .zfproject.xml

... ...

zf create model FooBar

cat .zfproject.xml

... ...

Expected result:

The classNamePrefix value remains "ZendToolBug_" after creating a model.

Actual result:

The classNamePrefix value is changed back to "Application_" after creating a model.


I am still experiencing this problem in 1.10.0rc1.

Fixed in r20633 in trunk and r20634 in release branch 1.10