ZF-8870: sending typed objects with references


Sending an array with typed objects, which contain typed objects themselves causes an "Unknows Definition reference" in Zend_Amf_Parse_Amf3_Deserializer (line 304).

Tracing that error back to Zend_Amf_Parse_Amf0_Deserializer i found that the deserializer is created newly everytime readAmf3TypeMarker is called (line 297).

Changing this behaviour back (caching the amf3-parser and using a getter for it) this issue is resolved.

The working Zend_Amf_Parse_Amf0_Deserializer i took was from june 2009 - zendfw 1.8



The solution provided above is no valid fix, as the caching of the Amf3 Parser was removed on purpose. See the fix for ZF-6393. If someone (Matthias?) could provide a failing testcase, I can work on a solution.

Regards Stefan

It might be, that this issue boils down to the problem (and fix) mentioned in ZF-8015.


thanks for your response! i didn't want to post a invalid fix sorry... i didn't find a fix in ZF-8015 though it seems that its the same problem, but i can't say it for sure.

in fact i'm no expert on the amf-protocol. i can post my logs in the next days. i'd really appreciate if you'd find time to check this...

thanks again!

Is this still an issue?