ZF-89: Zend_Cache is ready to get out from the incubator


I'm the leader of Zend_Cache.

Now, it is in incubator.

But IMHO, the API and the code is stable enough to get out from incubator. Of course, we can still add some backends and frontends but I think it's not the first priority.

Three choices are possible : - Zend is not ok with the current state of Zend_Cache => we need particular points to work on

  • Zend is ok with the current state of Zend_Cache but needs a complete web documentation before going further => so we need commit rights to the documentation repository (users : fab & mislav)

  • Zend is ok to go further with Zend_Cache => so we need an admin to move Zend_Cache out of the incubator and we need commit rights (users : fab & mislav) to this new directory

We need a formal answer concerning these 3 choices.



A /documentation/ directory is now available in incubator so we can write the documentation without problem.

We will "reopen" this issue later.

Moving Zend_Cache to core.