ZF-8906: Create Zend_Validate_Equal or Add Strict Option to Zend_Validate_Identical


I've gotten messages like these from Zend_Validate_Identical a few times:

The token '0000002031' does not match the given token '2031'
The token '2031' does not match the given token '2031'

Adding an Int filter to the element solves the problem, but it seems like having an option to not do a strict comparison could be useful. I know this would make a mockery of the "Identical" part of the name, but I thought I'd put it out there.


But "000002031" is not the same as "2031".

It would not work even it I use non-strict comparison as the input is given as string. You would need to filter it to a number in any case.

Non-strict validation integrated with r22077