ZF-8909: ZendX lost in docs


The ZendX documentation cannot be reached on the website, for instance:… redirects to

the same applies to ZendX_Whois and _Console_Proccess_Unix

I know a similar issue was fixed earlier on, but the fix was appearantly undone by the move to version-based docs.


Well, ZendX_Whois has not been released yet, so that's a moot point. However ,the ZendX docs are indeed missing (which is very odd, as the docs on the site were built from release tarballs). I'll be looking into this on Monday.

ok lol, I tested the urls for the console and jQuery classes, and copied the names from the affected components field :P . Hope its a quick fix, since working docs are nice, but less bugs in the framework is nicer.

A temporary workaround: download the docs from the Zend CDN, ZendX is included there.

Yeah, the documentation build is done from that same set of docs; I think there may be a slight bug in the docbuild system we're using now, which is what I'm going to look into.

Ok appears to be fixed