ZF-8939: Zend Demo ProgressBar


Zend_form in the demo has the following JS function

function getProgress() { makeRequest('ZendForm.php?progress_key=' + document.getElementById('progress_key').value); }

progress_key element id doesn't exist in the document. I assume this is the reason that the progress bar doesn't show any progress.


Assigned correct component

The hidden progress_key form element is only inserted if APC is available:

if (Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http::isApcAvailable()) {
   $markup[] = $view->formHidden(ini_get('apc.rfc1867_name'), uniqid(), array('id' => 'progress_key'));
} else if (Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http::isUploadProgressAvailable()) {
   $markup[] = $view->formHidden('UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER', uniqid(), array('id' => 'progress_key'));

Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http::isApcAvailable() checkes for

 public static function isApcAvailable()
        return (bool) ini_get('apc.enabled') && (bool) ini_get('apc.rfc1867') && is_callable(self::$_callbackApc);

So you need to have APC enabled and need to have at least the following in your php.ini: [APC] apc.rfc1867 = on apc.enabled=1

Maybe this could be stated more clearly in the documetnation of Zend_ProgressBar