ZF-8948: Allowing SOAP/WSDL ComplexType recursion.


When a complexType contains itself (recursion), this is currently blocked when producing a WSDL file.

This patch allows for such recursion.

The pactch I've supplied works for me.

But I'm not convinced that the recursion fix is 100% as ...

class SingleEntity{
       /** @var SingleEntity[] */
       public $Entities = array();

       /** @return SingleEntity */
       public function SingleEntity(){
               return new SingleEntity();

produces types of ...

and I've no idea if that is valid.

I'm new with this, so please check this.


Patch to allow direct recursion - that is type A contains a entry of type A.

This script is a really dumb script to show that the WSDL file can now be produced where an entity has an element of the same type as itself.

This is a duplicate