ZF-8993: Zend_Cache_Backend_Static doesn't work on Windows


When I'm trying to use this backend i get two errors. First is triggered by mkdir function in Zend/Cache/Backend/Static.php on line 244. The directory id prepended by / and looks like this: /C:\wamp\www\projectname... Second error is triggered by file_put_contents function in Zend/Cache/Backend/Static.php on line 209 because file name is invalid - C:\wamp\www\projectname\html./\x120html.


Reassigned for @PadraicB

Added patch that fixes the static cache issue on Windows. Mkdir can also recursively create directories, so in the patch I used that and removed the protected createDirectoriesFor method.

I agree with the patch Static.php.patch.

It makes no sense to try to create directories with method $this->_createDirectoriesFor($pathName) line 226, already that in line 225 used the function" rel="nofollow">realpath case no exists the directory the function return false.

As of fixing bug ZF-9642 - Please test if this bug was fixed, too?

I can confirm that this bug is also fixed.

fixed with ZF-9642