ZF-8994: Bug in some filters



I believe there's an error in the stringToLower filter @ line 61:

if (array_key_exists('encoding', $options)) { $this->setEncoding($options); }

And definition for setEncoding is: /** * Set the input encoding for the given string * * @param string $encoding

So $encoding must be a string, and it gives an error ("The given encoding 'Array' is not supported by mbstring") if you give an Array, which you obvious do.

So line 61 should probably be: $this->setEncoding($options['encoding']);

This also applies to StringToUpper, and maybe others.


Fixed with r20718

Btw, thomas, is it normal that there are no translation files for validation messages in 1.10? The resources folder is empty, but I've read on your blog that there would be a few available, so I don't know if that's a bug or not.

Zend forgot to integrate this directories when they created the branch. They are available in trunk but not in branch.

See and vote for ZF-8996