ZF-8996: resources are not moved from trunk to branch


The resource directory has not been moved from trunk to branch when the 1.10 branch has been created.

But these directories were available within trunk at the time where the branch has been created.


The official 1.10 branch was created in r20291, while the resources were added to trunk in r20352; clearly they were never merged to the 1.10 release branch.

Please do so now, so that they may be released with 1.10.1.

There should be a unittest that checks for the presence of (at least one of) these files. That would also prevent any such thing from happening again.

$%$ยง!&" I was sure that I did that commit. But in the same timeframe I had severe issues with SVN... maybe my commit did simply not go through.

@Dolf: Mabe already build some tests. See docu mailing list. But I don't know why he did not commit it.

Added with r20729