ZF-9000: Replacement in Zend_View_Abstract makes using streams in view search paths impossible


When adding a paths via addScriptPath to a view the _addPath method is called in Zend_View_Abstract

If a desired path has a stream prefix (e.g. file://) and the host OS is windows, the // are replaced with \ rendering the path unusable

Offending line is 1023 of Zend_View_Abstract $dir = str_replace(array('/', '\'), DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $dir);

Changing this to a more careful replacement with preg_replace - or even then doing a :// for :\ on windows would solve the issue


I believe this is resolved with r20906 in trunk and r20907 in the 1.10 release branch. Please re-open the issue (or ping me to re-open it) if you're still having issues.

Fixed failing unit tests as a result of earlier patches to this issue in r21141 trunk and 1.10 release branch r21144