ZF-9029: Multiple files in library/ or in tests/ don't have the svn:keywords=id


I will add them. Currently we have this page:…


Added on library directory (SVN 20785):

* 2216 PHP files
* 104 files without keyword
* 20 files without associated phpDoc tag (@version $Id$)

Closing as resolved for 1.10

There are still a few files in tests/ and in demos/ that need fixing.

This is the shell script I use to find unsubstituted Subversion keywords.

$ svn_kw_re='\$(Author|Date|Head(URL|er)|Id|LastChanged(By|Date|Revision)|Rev(ision)?|URL)\$' $ export svn_kw_re $ find . -type d -name .svn -prune -o ( -type f -exec grep "${svn_kw_re}" {} /dev/null \; )

Here is the list of matches I got on the trunk this morning.

./bin/zf.php ./demos/Zend/Service/LiveDocx/configuration.php.dist ./demos/Zend/Service/LiveDocx/Helper.php ./tests/Zend/AllTests/StreamWrapper/PhpInput.php ./tests/Zend/Application/Resource/CacheManagerTest.php ./tests/Zend/Application/Resource/LogTest.php ./tests/Zend/Application/Resource/MailTest.php ./tests/Zend/Application/Resource/MultidbTest.php ./tests/Zend/Application/_files/resources/Autoloaded.php ./tests/Zend/Cache/ManagerTest.php ./tests/Zend/ExceptionTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/DeletedTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/EntryTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Extension/ITunes/EntryTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Extension/ITunes/FeedTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/FeedTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Renderer/Entry/AtomTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Renderer/Entry/RssTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Renderer/Feed/AtomTest.php ./tests/Zend/Feed/Writer/Renderer/Feed/RssTest.php ./tests/Zend/Filter/BooleanTest.php ./tests/Zend/Filter/NullTest.php ./tests/Zend/Loader/AutoloaderMultiVersionTest.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/AllTests.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/BbcodeAndHtmlTest.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/FactoryTest.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/ParserIntegrityTest.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/Test/Parser/MockParser.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/Test/Renderer/MockRenderer.php ./tests/Zend/Markup/TextileAndHtmlTest.php ./tests/Zend/Validate/CallbackTest.php

Here are the files with existing SVN property lists.

$ find . -type d -name .svn -prune -o ( -type f -exec sh -c 'grep -q "${svn_kw_re}" "$0" /dev/null && svn proplist "$0"' {} \; ) Properties on 'bin/zf.php': svn:executable svn:mergeinfo Properties on 'demos/Zend/Service/LiveDocx/configuration.php.dist': svn:executable

Since none of them have existing svn:keywords settings, they could be added with this command.

$ find . -type d -name .svn -prune -o ( -type f -exec sh -c 'grep "${svn_kw_re}" "$0" /dev/null && svn propset svn:keywords Id "$0"' {} \; )

Nearly all of these are tests - do we need to add IDs to test files? Personally, I've never bothered...

@padraic: it's not the first time ;)

I'd argue that we not do this. It's looking like a strong possibility (read > 90% certain) that we'll be moving to git for 2.0 development. As such, these svn keywords will lose all relevance, and will have been a bit of a waste of time.

For the record, I'm not suggesting adding anything to test files or even changing a single file, I'm saying you should at least fix Subversion so that the keyword substitution works where keywords are already present.