ZF-9036: Cookies from hosts starting with a dot are inaccessible with getCookie()


I am building a simple tool which can access the contactlist from a MSN Live account but something is bugging me. I am using a Zend_Http_Client object to do all the calls and I am using the Zend_Http_Cookiejar to store cookies in. During the calls the cookies get properly saved with host "" so they are accessible from all subdomains. I tried getting the cookie by:

$cookiejar = $client->getCookieJar();
$authcookie = $cookiejar->getCookie('', 'MSPAuth');

This gives me an Exception with "Invalid URI supplied" as message. When i remove the dot from the URI I don't get an exception but the CookieJar won't return the cookie since the host doesnt match ( != When I remove the check for the hostname in Zend_Uri the "" hostname is working fine like this:

$uri = Zend_Uri::factory();
$authcookie = $cookiejar->getCookie($uri, 'MSPAuth');

Please fix, tnx :)


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