ZF-9037: Missing @param with Zend_Form_Element


     * Constructor
     * $spec may be:
     * - string: name of element
     * - array: options with which to configure element
     * - Zend_Config: Zend_Config with options for configuring element
     * @param  string|array|Zend_Config $spec
     * @return void
     * @throws Zend_Form_Exception if no element name after initialization
      public function __construct($spec, $options = null){

You see the @param for options is not here.


woops it was Zend_Form_Element, which was extended by Zend_Form_Element_Xhtml, which I was extending...

This is a simple patch for this issue.

Thank You for report, solved in SVN r20811

That oughta do it! Thanks, and this can be closed now.