ZF-9044: Zend_Application_Resource_Frontcontroller doesn't allow to force the index of a plugin we want to register


The current registration only accept the name of the plugin: resources.frontController.plugins.memoryusage = "Mp_Controller_Plugin_MemoryUsage"

One possibility: resources.frontController.plugins.memoryusage.class = "Mp_Controller_Plugin_MemoryUsage" resources.frontController.plugins.memoryusage.index = 200


Done. To be released in ZF 1.10.1

Hey(!) that suggestion was mine!

Anyhow, functionality implemented.

EDIT: Oh, I commented that already, just didn't resolve it. My bad.

Yes, it was effectively your proposition.

I wanted to keep this in memory if the correction would be long. But you were faster than I had imagined it! (y)

An addition in the documentation could be great. I can add it if you want.

I was planning on doing that today. However, if you feel like adding it, please feel free to do so (that is appreciated).

Documentation added with r20837 and merge to 1.10 branch with r20838