ZF-9108: Zend_Captcha_Image always has <br/> in rendered element


At the moment it is not possible to put the input text field of an Zend_Form_Element_Captcha besides the captcha image with css for example.

The generated code looks like this:


The render() method looks like this at the moment:

public function render(Zend_View_Interface $view = null, $element = null)
    return ''.$this->getImgAlt().'
'; }

So there is always a
in it which makes it hard to change the appearance with css.

should not be hardcoded and the output should be more flexible, so a developer can put the textfield right beside the Image.

At the moment I changed that behaviour by extending Zend_Captcha_Image and changing the render() method.


Totally agree, created a patch to simplify update

Fixed on trunk with r22583 and merge into 1.10 branch with r22584