ZF-9117: Missing reference to APPLICATION_ENV in quickstart tutorial



This page ends with the sentence "Be sure to run the script for the environment you choose for your application when deploying."

However, there was no previous instruction to choose an environment. There is no mention of the APPLICATION_ENV constant, nor the fact that it corresponds to the sections in application.ini.

The quickstart application (ZendFrameworkQuickstart-20100203) contains the development database (.../data/db/guestbook-dev.db), but does not contain the production database (.../data/db/guestbook.db)

This means that unless you know that you have to set an undocumented constant to an undocumented value, you will run as the "production" environment. This will fail, as no production database is present.

1) The documentation should explain the purpose of APPLICATION_ENV, and describe where it should be set.

2) The quickstart application should contain sqlite databases for all the application environments defined in application.ini


Added instructions on setting up an Apache vhost (in trunk and 1.10 release branch); also updated the quickstart download files to include each of production, testing, and development sqlite database files. These changes will post on the site with 1.10.1.