ZF-9152: Zend_Tool Documentation Shows Function Call as Reference to Object Property


The documentation for extending Zend_Tool (…) in the section that reviews using the response object rather than echo'ing, shows the method getResponse() as an object property in one of the code snippets. It is immediately below the section header "The response object", and follows the sentence "Rewritting our hello provider with this knowledge it looks like: ". I cut and pasted the code snippet below, but the offending bit is "$this->_registry->getResponse", which should be "$this->_registry->getResponse()"

1. class My_Component_HelloProvider 2. extends Zend_Tool_Framework_Provider_Abstract 3. { 4. public function say() 5. { 6. $this->_registry->getResponse 7. ->appendContent("Hello from my provider!"); 8. } 9. }


Fixed in r23288 trunk, merged into 1.11 release branch r23289.