ZF-9205: View Helper Escape Failing on 1.10.1


On updating from 1.9.6 to 1.10.1, output from $this->view->escape('£99.99') would render nothing instead of the desired output. It seems this behaviour only effects strings with multi-byte chars (Eg £'s).


In method Zend_View_Abstract::escape() Can be a problem with of the Zend_View_Abstract::$_encoding

Encoding In 1.9.6 default = 'ISO-8859-1' In 1.10.1 default = 'UTF-8'

thanks for the swift response! it makes complete sense, and now we've set the other relevant attributes to UTF-8 (Eg database sockets/etc) the issue has been resolved.

@Paddy Thank You for report. Change made to 1.9.7.

See […] from section, Security fixes as with 1.9.7

many thanks again...we'll review the doc you recommended and validate our newer web apps.