ZF-9212: Zend_Validate_PostCode error message problem


Zend_Validate_PostCode needs:


inside isValid() method


Please give something which is reproducable. Just a "xxx needs" or "xxx should be" is not enough.

Changing from Patch to Bug as no patch has been assigned to this issue.

If you attach this Validator to Zend_Form like:

(...) 'validators' => array (new Zend_Validator_Postcode('pl_PL')), (...)

And write in form for example string "hello" it shows error like:

"'' is wrong formated postcode"

Message in Zend_Validator_Postcode is set to "'%value%' is wrong formated postcode"

And as you can see in this weak example that %value% is not set in isValid() method.

Sorry for this not formal code but I`m out of office now.

Fixed with r21107