ZF-9305: WSDL <documetation> tags contain a URL encoded \r when using Windows for the source code.



I develop on Windows and use the windows EOL (\r\n) in my editor. When using Zend_Soap_WSDL to produce the WSDL file (via Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover), the tag contains a URL encoded \r.

The attached patch converts both \r\n and \r to \n.

It looks like this issue has existed since day 1 of this class (Revision 1152), so it can't be too much of a priority (or no one is using Windows and has noticed it!).


Richard Quadling.

P.S. I've signed the CLA and I've think I can commit these patches myself, but I don't know want to do things willy-nilly. Please advise.


Normalize the EOLs contained in the tag of the WSDL file to \n.