ZF-9317: remove 'final' attribute on Zend_Rest_Client methods


Quite a lot of Zend_Rest_Client methods are final, which makes it impossible to subclass.

It's a real limitation for ZF as a framework not to be able to easily subclass Zend_Rest_Client. It would be great if 'final' attribute got removed.

Strangely enough, Zend_Rest_Server has no final method. Am I missing something?

Enclosed is the diff realized against ZF 1.10.1

Regards, Remy


corresponding diff file against v1.10.1 simply remove all 'final ' statements

Added patch against trunk, likely also valid for 1.11 branch. This patch also fixes the issue that you can't sent data with a delete request.

New patch, I missed two final declarations in the original patch

Committed to trunk