ZF-9329: Support for disable attribute in Zend_Form_Element_Select


Same behavior as in Zend_Form_Element_Checkbox.

Add before element in form one input with type="hidden" and value of disabled select.


My patch for view helper. Multiple values are not supported

Better solution and add unittest for this patch

I got this working without any problems! (so long as your disabled option has no value set.)

$this->_select->addMultiOption('','Please Select...'); //default select option with no value $this->_select->setAttrib('disable',array('')); //set disable on option with value of '' $this->_select->setRequired(true); //make sure user picks something!

then add the other enabled options :-)

$this->_select->addMultiOption($row->value,$row->name); //options to select

hope this helps :-)