ZF-9422: Zend_Cache_Frontend_Function::call() Supporting object methods via callback parameter


I see that this issue was previously marked as fixed:

However, ZF 1.10.2 doesn't allow object methods. Source shows that private function _makeId($name, $parameters) still requires a string preventing object methods being specified in $cache->call()

 * Make a cache id from the function name and parameters
 * @param  string $name       Function name
 * @param  array  $parameters Function parameters
 * @throws Zend_Cache_Exception
 * @return string Cache id
private function _makeId($name, $parameters)
    if (!is_string($name)) {
        Zend_Cache::throwException('Incorrect function name');
    if (!is_array($parameters)) {
        Zend_Cache::throwException('parameters argument must be an array');
    return md5($name . serialize($parameters));


I committed some changes to the function frontend to allow all types of callbacks. (r22503 @ trunk)

Please tell me if it will close your issue.

Yes it does! Thanks :D

fixed in r22504 (1.10 branch) & r22503 (trunk)