ZF-9424: Zend_Form Sorted Issue Filters



This information can all be retrieved by using searches in JIRA; what purpose does it serve having this summary as an issue, exactly?

The reason is that i can not retrieve this comprehensive Information table with jira. Jira does not let me tag on issues for filtering them afterwards. Jira does not let me retrieve all Issues which are indirectly linked together. With Jira i can not refilter saved filters, because of recursion.

I am trying to get an overview what has to be fixed and where, and thought this could be helpfull for someone else. Because some Passages in the Zend_Form Code tell me there were people to fix things which are missing an overview of that package. Some Issues are resolved only for XY particular JIRA-Issue, but are the same for just another Class, maybe JIRA blows mind?

Matthew, just a simple example that perhaps explains what i mean. First visit [ZF-9010] and then [ZF-8764].

We used to be able to tag issues, but apparently this feature was lost during our most recent upgrade. If I re-enable that, you should be able to, at the minimum, click on tags and link to issue tags.

For aggregating issues, I'd prefer we not use Jira -- create a page in the wiki. That way we're not cluttering JIRA with meta-issues.

Yes, exactly link issues to tags is what i was missing. Then i will put this into the wiki -- is the Shared Namespace in the wiki the right place? With a title like "ZF 1.10 Zend_Form Issues Summary"?