ZF-9473: parsing of incorrect tags


$bbcode = Zend_Markup::factory('Bbcode');
$input = <<render($input);

/*string(135) "


[list] [*] 1[newline�] [*] 2[newline�] [*] 3[newline�][/list] bold in bold


This is incorrect markup, I know =). But is it possible render it more correctly as now? h1 - inline tag, list - list: so close any inline tag when block/list found.

And can we replace double "strong" with single?


1) I think that need add groups (inline, block) as stroppers inside parser/bbcode $_tags var.

2) And add options 'allowNesting' for tags

    'b' => array(
        'type'   => 10, // self::TYPE_REPLACE | self::TAG_NORMAL
        'tag'    => 'strong',
        'group'  => 'inline',
        'filter' => true,
        'allowNesting' => false